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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

All my students need to think this way :)

(note: definitely took this from the Dragon's blog...)

So I was thoroughly impressed by a student's attitude towards riding the other day, so figured I'd share :) She was mounted on a very athletic and exuberant horse who spent a good portion of it bouncing around the ring. When she eventually got a nice, civilized trot all the way around the ring, we called it a day. Now anybody who's dealt w/ babies or really high horses will understand entirely how "baby steps" can lead to a renegotiation of where the bar is set (how thrilled was I the first time Sienna *walked* around the ring?!?! :) Back to that whole Plan A, B, W thing... But this rider hasn't done a lot of that -- she's ridden spinny before but not quite baby-step level. So at the end of the ride she's cooling her horse out and says to me (still in a good mood) "well, if trotting around the ring is good just think of how far we can go!" N it just totally struck me -- not how far we HAVE to go as in "ugh when can we get to something fun?" but how far we CAN go as in "this could be an entertaining challenge, and each baby step counts." And who knows, I may've misheard or made that up entirely -- but I liked what I imagined so figured I'd pass it on :) Must remember that while Si and I are doing PE! It's not the destination but rather the journey eh? So therefore all the much better when you can see the journey may be a long one...

So I was looking @ the pics of Sienna jumping XC (, it was recommended to me that her show name should be "Hang Time" hahaha and while I agree theoretically, I just didn't really like it for her... But then I was thinking -- how bout "Just Hanging Out"? She's super chilled, so more often than not applies, n really, why shouldn't one "hang out" three feet above the fence??? hahaha so that's what I'm thinking for the moment. Other thoughts? Suggestions? Got some time before we have to decide (she's just going to be "Sienna" at Foggy River) but I'd like a name for whenever the first HT is...

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